Indonesia records 2nd highest ad growth in Asia

For sure it is from a long way back, but more grist to the mill to those who say Indonesia is a market that you cannot ignore. Last week PT AC Neilsen reported that Indonesia recorded the second highest level of ad spending growth in television and print media for the first half of this year in Asia, trailing only Japan. Despite this, Indonesia, with a massive population of over 210,000,000 rates only 6th in total ad spend out of eight countries surveyed.

Indonesia recorded a 39% increase over the same period last year, followed by China (33%), South Korea (19%). Malaysia (12%), Thailand (11%), the Philippines (3%) and Singapore (1%). China's total ad spend however dwarfs Indonesia's.
While Indonesian advertising spending was 531 million for the first half, China returned results of 7 billion USD followed by South Korea (2.5 billion USD), Hong Kong of China (2 billion USD), Thailand (660 million USD), the Philippines (657 million USD), Malaysia (432 million USD), and Singapore (419 million USD).

The message is clear however that Indonesian marketing prospects are on the up. While China is attracting, quite naturally, most of the excitement, Indonesia provides opportunities for early starters - and a potential consumer market which is among the top 5 country markets world wide in terms of population.